The  V20 Story

The leadership team at V20 Foods has over 40 years experience in the retail food industry. V20 Foods has been providing private label meal kits for over 5 years to some of the largest retail grocery and convenience store chains in the US. Through creativity, innovation and flexibility, the V20 team is able to quickly and efficiently take a meal kit concept brought to us by large retailers and work directly with our customer’s staff to turn these ideas into viable own brand offerings that can be proudly displayed right next to (or in place of) the national brand competitor.

Due to our flexibility and lean manufacturing techniques, we have been able to parlay our meal kit development and delivery expertise into the disaster relief arena and military troop support market place. Hurricanes, floods, wild fires and other natural disasters are not scheduled events. They come with a vengeance and usually leave thousands of people homeless and without food. V20 Foods can respond in a day’s notice and begin producing nutritious meals for all of those negatively affected by these unforeseen and typically devastating occurrences.  Our innovative flameless ration heater has allowed us to develop government approved self-heating breakfast entrees to all branches of the US military.

V20 Foods continues to expand its product offerings.  For example, in the Retail Products, V20 Foods will unveil an ALL‐NATURAL kid’s meal during the first quarter of 2013. We are working with major celebrities to assist in their product selection, packaging design and launch of their own brand food lines.  We have recently obtained our NAPA and NSN numbers from the US government for our self-heating breakfast entrees.  These meals are also being made available to various disaster relief agencies.  We believe that our self‐heating meals with a state of the art, eco‐friendly heating system that eliminates the major issues with the current self‐heating systems in today’s market will be widely accepted because they taste great and are addressing various environmental issues associated with the existing flameless ration heater technology.



Our Mission

Help our customers put their prestigious brand on products that either meet or in most cases, beat the national brands in terms of quality and nutrition, for 10‐20 percent less cost.

Kid’s Meals

V20 Foods develops, markets and distributes convenient, nutritious ready to eat kids meals. Our meals are great for lunch or an afternoon snack. We use only the best ingredients to ensure our products are well received by your child. Your kids will love them!

Private Label Services

Private label brands are in the midst of a major retail transformation. Most of all of the leading retailers with the exception of those of the smallest sizes are investing more of their time and marketing dollars in the development of “private label” brands. V20 will help you design and then produce your private label offering, whether it is for kid’s meals or our shelf‐stable box lunch kits.