Military – Self Heating Meals

V20 Foods, LLC is proud to announce that it has obtained from DLA Troop Support a National Allowance Pricing Agreement # 0561.   This will allow us to provide our proprietary self-heating breakfast meals to all branches of the United States Military.  V20 currently has three approved menu options:  Southern Grits (# 8940-01-E62-2771), Oatmeal (# 8940-01-E62-2772), and Scalloped Potatoes with Eggs, Bacon & Sausage (# 8940-01-E62-2773).  We will continue to work with the US Department of Defense to develop additional self-heating breakfast and lunch/dinner entrees that meet the current US Military nutritional and packaging standards.


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Kid’s Meals

V20 Foods develops, markets and distributes convenient, nutritious ready to eat kids meals. Our meals are great for lunch or an afternoon snack. We use only the best ingredients to ensure our products are well received by your child. Your kids will love them!

Private Label Services

Private label brands are in the midst of a major retail transformation. Most of all of the leading retailers with the exception of those of the smallest sizes are investing more of their time and marketing dollars in the development of “private label” brands. V20 will help you design and then produce your private label offering, whether it is for kid’s meals or our shelf‐stable box lunch kits.